The text deals with the position of collecting organizations in the common internal market of the EU. In particular, the legislation and practice in Croatia are compared in the light of its accession to the EU. The collecting organizations are facing many challenges in the EU. The first challenge is the EU lawyers dealing with the right of competition on the common market. The second challenge may be characterized as a competition within the common market between collecting societies and commercial users of copyright works and subject matters of neighboring rights in the acquisition of rights for the purpose of the exploitation or management thereof. The third challenge is publishers, playing lately the increasingly important role in the collecting organizations in the manner, which is colliding to a certain extent with the manner of their operation so far.

Zbornik Hrvatskog društva za autorsko pravo, 6(2005); str. 127-142.

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HDAPSilke von Lewinski // Reflections on the functions and the functioning of collecting societies