Zbornik Hrvatskog društva za autorsko pravo, 2(2001); str. 115-127.

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What About a Book Today?

Electronic publishing has been developing for as many as 15 years, but only as late as 1998 did the electronic book begin to play a more important role in publishing programs. The author gives the definition of the electronic book and explains its characteristics as compared with the printed book. She points out the importance of the 1996 WIPO World Copyright Treaty and considers the tasks of librarians having the main role in the introduction of the information and communication technology (ICT). They should recognise the e-book, select it following the example of the printed book and include it into the legal deposit and bibliographic control. Advantages of the print-on-demand technique are mentioned. The author concludes that the complementary characteristics of printed and electronic books provide for the future of the book.

HDAPDaniela Živković // Što se događa s knjigom danas?